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StandRealty Pvt.Ltd. is set about using it skills acquired as a real estate builder & developer to re invent the real estate company. The StandRealty Pvt.Ltd. is born through the sweat, sleepless nights, hard work and love of all things. And now, right in the heart of the modern heritage in the city of Gorakhpur, Stand Realty is all set to use the finest ingredients of modernity to serve it's customers.

Company Overview

The Company has made an impact on the supply side of the modern-day living. A style that has been the dream of a new class of consumers, a style encompassing the whole range of consumption pattern of the young and the upcoming consumers, that has become synonymous with the brand, "StandRealty". The Company has pioneered trendsetting world-class hotels and convention centers across the country, with enhanced facilities to meet the business and leisure needs of the international and domestic traveler. The higher standards set by the group in its pursuit to position India on par with the developed economies of the world and with a vision to be and remain at the commanding height of Real Estate Business.

medical college road (gulharia thana)

medical college road (gulharia thana)

Rate 551/sq. ft., Rate 599/sq. ft.

Project medical college road

Motiram Adda (Gkp to Deoria Road)

motiram adda (gkp to deoria road)

Rate 499/sq. ft.

Project Motiram Adda

Mughlaha(Near Khajanchi)

mughlaha(near khajanchi)

Rate 950/sq. ft.

Project Mughlaha

Madhapar (Jagdishpur kushinagar road)

madhapar(orakhpur to kushinagar)

Rate 599/sq. ft.

Project Madhapar

Sector Near Taramandal

Siktour (Near Taramandal)

Price 951/sq.ft

Project Near Taramandal