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StandRealty Pvt. Ltd. is set about using it skills acquired as a real estate builder & developer to re invent the real estate company. StandRealty Pvt. Ltd. is born through the sweat, sleepless nights, hard work and love of all things. And now, right in the heart of the modern heritage in the city of Gorakhpur, Stand Realty is all set to use the finest ingredients of modernity to serve it's customers.

You dream and we'll make it come to life.


"StandRealty Property" is the first concept-based plotting project on the MP Building Road creating INITIAL INVESTMENT ADVANGE.


Our Project is under a transitional phase offering all the right signals for investors to get a good deal for money & substantial financial gains in the medium to long term. As the Highway real estate is far from saturation, investing in Gorakhpur Project is going to be a profitable venture with spectacular return on investments to the investors with real estate vision.

StandRealty is passionate about property and the frequent progress in our thinking endeavor global growth. This brought StandRealty in real estate that provides highly professional yet cornfortable one to one environment to the customers making sure that our clients opt for best and rational choices both in terms of quality and price. After all, your dream is our real ity.

Project Layout

medical college road (gulharia thana)

medical college road (gulharia thana)

Rate 551/sq. ft., Rate 599/sq. ft.

Project medical college road

Motiram Adda (Gkp to Deoria Road)

motiram adda (gkp to deoria road)

Rate 499/sq. ft.

Project Motiram Adda

Mughlaha(Near Khajanchi)

mughlaha(near khajanchi)

Rate 950/sq. ft.

Project Mughlaha

Madhapar (Jagdishpur kushinagar road)

madhapar(orakhpur to kushinagar)

Rate 599/sq. ft.

Project Madhapar

Sector Near Taramandal

Siktour (Near Taramandal)

Price 951/sq.ft

Project Near Taramandal